With all kinds of businesses out there promising everything and delivering no more than the next guy, we strive to be different. We only promise what we can deliver. We don’t promise perfection, but we do deliver excellence.

From each warm and decadent interior to every stylish and tasteful exterior, Mike and Val want to keep the Lethbridge community growing, vibrant and beautiful. And they’re doing this one house at a time.

When you walk into a Van Arbor home, you’ll feel the difference. Maybe you won’t notice the bigger sidewalks, the extra hours the designers put into making the layout flow,upgraded flooring and abundance of windows, or the subtle, elegant details in every home we craft, but you will notice that something is different. It’s a difference you can’t find just anywhere. You need the right home builder.

Financial Investment

To better protect the investment you have been saving for, we set our standards to the highest quality. From flooring to siding, we use top grade materials, so we can guarantee you: if you take care of your house it will take care of you with the same enduring style and beauty as it had on the day you moved in. So instead of spending money replacing failing materials in your home, essentially draining your home’s equity, you are saving money – all because of your first decision to invest in a quality dwelling with Van Arbor Homes.