Customizing Your Home With Confidence

Everyone wants custom. From the burgers at a fast food restaurant to the cars we drive, customizing is in our DNA. But with customization comes the possibility of things going wrong. All it takes is a quick look back in time to realize sometimes people make bad choices, and when you’re customizing a home, those choices will haunt you for a long time.

Think of it like a sundae – if you toss on every topping you like it’s going to be a hot mess. That’s where Van Arbor Homes, and our in-house designer Chad Thiessen, come in.

Chad has over fifteen years experience and thrives on helping clients sift through their likes and dislikes to find exactly the right style for them. We make sure to walk you through the minutiae of designing your house to make sure it flows. We make sure to walk you through the minutiae of designing your house to make sure it flows and meets your needs.

With our guidance and the array of choices we have, we are certain we can create a home that you will love for decades to come.

The Next Step to Customizing

There are 3 ways we can guide you down the path to your dream home:

1. Pre-existing Floorplan (An array to choose from)

After touring through one of our showhomes, you might fall in love right then and there. With this option, you can make modest changes to the plan; make your bedroom a bit bigger; move your kitchen a little this way; etc.

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2. When Inspiration Strikes

You come to Van Arbor with a few ideas. You might say, “I like the size of this master suite but I want the mud-room a bit bigger.” From here, Van Arbor would run with your idea, sorting out the larger details while you get free reign with your customized interior picks. You choose cabinetry, fixtures, flooring, etc.

3. Ultimate Custom Home

This is the big one. You come at the very beginning with a desire for a completely custom home and we design exactly what you want, from scratch. This can be inspired by any number of things, but we sit down with you, and guide you down the path to the home of your dreams. Every single thing, from the floor plan, to the paint colour, is completely customized.

No matter when you enter the building process, you will always have the ability to customize, be it the entire home (Ultimate Build) or having your way with interior picks and/or flooring styles.

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Time to Pick your Picks

One of the greatest dangers of customizing is rrealizing your ideas were more driven by the time period than by your desires. Walk into a house from the eighties and you’ll feel the era oozing out of it, and it won’t be pretty. But, by helping you choose a neutral, workable palette that fits you, we’ll help you create a home will move gracefully through the years so that when lime green is all the rage, you can add little pieces to really make your place pop!

From the baseboards, to the cabinets, to your fixtures, your home will be truly timeless. There are endless combination ideas that are unlocked with the right palette and Van Arbor’s decorative experience is the key. Your house shouldn’t be locked into a style or colour but encompassed within a flexible complexion.

Two Choices for Customizing the Interior

1. Pre-Existing Plan

The Van Arbor team has put together a number of all-encompassing interior plans with a distinct style and feel to them. Complete picks of the interior that include everything from cabinet style and colour, to flooring laminate, plumbing, fixtures, and lighting.

2. Start from Scratch

We pull out the pieces you don’t like and replace them with ones you do, or if that doesn’t work, we start from scratch and guide you in putting together something according to your taste. It’s our job to play cupid between you and your new house.

Your Vision

Van Arbor Homes takes great care in safeguarding the vision of your dream home, and you can be confident you will end up with a cohesive house in both design and colour. Like the make-your-own sundae, you have favourites, you have grandiose ideas about your home– as you should have.

It’s Van Arbor Home’s job to guide you through the process- to pull the aspects you love into one, a united theme so you don’t end up with a piece of fried chicken on top of your ice cream or a modern interior in your Tudor-style home. When the outside doesn’t match the inside or the interior clashes with the exterior, it causes mental whiplash.

When a house feels right, it’s because the architecture follows itself and the details are done right. With our experience and passion for design, Van Arbor Homes takes care to make sure you will never regret your customizing because we want you to love your house now, tomorrow and next decade. 

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