[row][three_fourth]Van Arbor Homes Lethbridge Value BookWhether you’re perusing the internet for homes for sale, working with a home-builder, or celebrating ten years of ownership, you know the cost and complexity of your house comes after the ink is dry on the paperwork. Your to-do list can be overwhelming: you want new floors- but who should you call? You aren’t fully satisfied with the lighting- but who offers the best price? The ever-growing grass needs cutting- why can’t it just cut itself? From decorating (and redecorating) the interior, to maintaining a healthy and beautiful yard, home ownership can be as difficult as it is rewarding.

To smooth out the bumps we’re offering a free value book to help you answer all the above questions, plus some you may not have even thought of asking. Everything you need to keep your house looking as good as it was the day you moved in (or even better) can be found inside this one, free guide.

Inside the Value Book you’ll find:

  • a guide to Lethbridge companies we have worked closely with and know maintain great quality
  • a host of deals that will make your maintenance and decorating costs easier on your pocket book

Your to-do list just got easier.

Included in the list are deals from some of the following Lethbridge businesses:

KB Heating Lethbridge Coupon Infinity Property Care Lethbridge Coupon McNamara's Flooring Lethbridge Coupon   Design Lighting Lethbridge Coupon

Fill in the form and we’ll send you the deals![/three_fourth]


Download Your Free Value Book

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