Our London Road Infill

The Lammertsens are the neighbours next door, with their blue-eyed baby, Sam and their silver lab, Marshall, nestled on a quiet little street in the heart of South Lethbridge. When Tyler and Leanne bought their infill property, they wanted to build a home that would compliment their budding family, their lifestyle, and be a safe space for all of them to grow. Lethbridge home builder, Van Arbor offered a house with all of these features at a price within their budget. With attention to detail, experienced staff, and only the top quality materials, Van Arbor gave the Lammertsens a safe, solid home that will last for years to come.

Lethbridge Custom Deck

The Planning Stage

Before ground was even broken, Tyler and Leanne worked with Van Arbor designers, deciding on the Landon show home as their floor plan. As designs and drawings took shape, the couple quickly realized that they wanted something a little different and Van Arbor was up for the challenge. The designers not only tweaked the floor plan to match the Lammertsens’ style, but created a home that was entirely unique, and all their own. Tyler and Leanne felt completely involved throughout the home building process, and that their opinions mattered to Van Arbor.

Lethbridge Home Builder Entry Way

“…we felt like we weren’t buying a cookie-cutter house, because we made tons of changes to the plan that we started with so we could build exactly what we wanted.” – Leanne Lammertsen

Lethbridge Custom Home Living Room

The Building Stage

Tyler and Leanne began to understand that the building of their home was more of a creative process than just a run of the mill home-build. They were given custom picks, which meant they could choose different features within their floorplan like lighting, cabinets, fixtures, flooring, etc., all working cohesively to create their dream home. Van Arbor wanted to give the Lammertsens exactly what they wanted, and worked with them every step of the way.

Lethbridge Infill Van Arbor

A Higher Standard

Because Van Arbor’s standards are among the highest, and their base for building begins at high end, the Lammertsens were never wanting for quality features.

“The fact that Van Arbor is used to building a quality house, and has high product standards, you’re getting more compared to what you’re getting elsewhere.” – Tyler Lammertsen

Van Arbor Infill

“It felt like home immediately, we didn’t have to get used to it– it worked for us right away.” – Leanne Lammertsen.

Van Arbor is a Lethbridge home builder that creates homes fit for families. They’re big, yet cozy, high end, yet affordable, and they are a safe place for families to root into and grow. Building a home with Van Arbor means you will be taken care of, that your opinions do matter, and you’re going to end up with a quality home that will grow with you, offering shelter from the storm and be a haven for gathering together. Contact us today for more information or to book at appointment with Val to see some of our great floorplans.

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