Making Your Infill Dreams Come True

Finding the perfect lot for your infill needs can be a tricky business. Small lots can make the process difficult, especially if you’re moving from a spacious, sprawling house in one of the newer developments circling the city. But, with proper design and inspiration, we can build you your dream home no matter the lot size.

Build up, not out

With the space of the prairies disappearing in all directions, builders and buyers have long followed the lines of the horizon and sprawled out across wide lots. With infill, the horizontal sprawl is curtailed. That, however, doesn’t mean you have to down size your dreams. A second floor, or even a third, will get you more space, while staying inside your lot. Building up also has the extra benefit of not increasing the cost of your roofing, as the roof size remains the same, or close to it.

Infill is all about design

While few things match endless space, good design will get you almost everything an extra room will. And, it gives the added benefit of adding interest to your home. Our designers can help you fit your life, and your dreams, into any city lot. We use creative solutions to make sure your new infill home will offer you everything a sprawling house in Paradise Valley could, without the extra half hour commute.

Bigger is sometimes just Bigger

In North America we like our cars as big as offices, our offices as big as houses, and our houses as big as, well, as big as we can get them. But, sometimes bigger isn’t better. Sometimes, it just means more area to put junk we never use. Smaller can be beautiful, just check out these skinny, infill houses.

By focusing on what’s important to you, whether that’s an exterior space, a kitchen to die for, or an ensuite fit for royalty, it’s surprising what luxuries you can fit into a small, residential lot.

With our ability to alter existing floor plans, or create a custom house to your own specifications, Van Arbor can help you design and build your dream house, no matter the limitations. Give us a call to make your dreams a reality, no matter what size they are.

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