New neighbourhoods are nice, and we build in some of the best around the city, but for some people ‘new’ isn’t what they want. Established neighbourhoods offer amenities most new areas can’t: close proximity to downtown; character houses; and a neighbourhood culture that has grown organically through the years. The problem is, these blocks are already filled with buildings and families, and the homes that come on the market aren’t always up to your standards.

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The Beauty of an Infill

That’s where an infill comes in. We can take a subdivided, empty, or underutilized lot (with an old, crumbling house) and make it a blank slate on which to build your dream house – a home free of the quirks and difficulties of an older house, which maintains the character you want from the space you and your family will spend most of your time. It’s not one or the other anymore. With an infill you can have your new, dream house, in an urban setting, rich with personality.

Infill Experts

The trouble is, infill building comes with a complicated process. Finding the right property in the right neighbourhood that will allow you to build the house you want, while offering you the amenities you require is a juggling act. You don’t have eight arms and 50 hours in your day, but with a team of designers, builders, and a real estate agent, we do. Pulling from our pool of talent, we can find and help you purchase and prepare the right property, design and build the right home for your new space and keep you (and your new neighbours) happy during the process.

The Clear Choice

If you’ve tried the new suburbs, and found them lacking, and have grown tired of dealing with the flaws and design defects of old houses, try something new by staying with the old.

Don’t compromise on your future home – build what you want, where you want it.

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