Find your lot

The first thing we encourage our customers to do when they come to us is to decide on a lot. With this in front of us as we design your house, we can find the beauty in every piece of land and utilize it so that everyone else sees it too.


The next step is inspiration. Whether it comes from a building you see on a walk through town or from one of our designers bringing something new to your attention, we want you to tell us your craziest ideas so we can work with you to mould your ideal masterpiece. Sites like will help you to share your inspiration with our designers. To help kindle these ideas, we offer you seven hours with our interior designer (besides the unlimited time with drafting designers!) to get those creative juices flowing.

Breaking ground and reaching for the sky

After your house is designed, our team meticulously combs through the drawings, features, design, building, and like an army of ants, we set to work. Once we make sure we’ve optimized everything, we get the architectural controls, permits and register. After the building permit is issued, the land is surveyed, and a host of tests are done before the dig is marked out. That’s where the fun begins and the big toys come out to play. The excavator unearths the basement, then brings the services (electricity, gas, etc.) to the site. The foundation is poured and then we make sure to let the cement cure for the full two to three weeks. It is, after all, the most critical part of your home.

Watching the magic unfold – online or in person

Now the magic happens. The craftsmen come, adding layer after layer to the foundation and the frame, slowly crafting what previously had lived only on paper and in the minds of the designer and you. This is an exciting time for us and for you, and we encourage you to schedule a visit whenever you want. We love to share this time with you. But if you don’t have time to drop by you can keep tabs on everything, or even make changes, with our Customer Care easy online software program. It shows each milestone of the building process in real time so you can closely monitor your home’s progress.

When everything is complete, we clean it up, send the finishing craftsmen through for one last inspection, and then drop the keys into your hand.

For more information on building a custom home with Van Arbor, contact Val Lowen or fill out our contact form.