The Crossings Neighbourhood

The Crossings is located in the heart of west Lethbridge, and while that used to mean long drives to work and groceries, along with a sedentary, suburban lifestyle, this new development has changed all of that. With great shopping centres, coffee shops, fitness centres, not to mention the University of Lethbridge, The Crossings is a mini urban nucleus set in the middle of safe and cozy suburbs.


Eclectic Flair

The perpetual joke with the suburbs is you can get lost in a maze of cookie-cutter houses, never sure which one is yours because it looks exactly like your neighbour’s. At The Crossings, the focus is on bringing the eclectic architecture of Lethbridge to the suburbs, all while maintaining exceptional design quality. Van Arbor is one of the top developers in The Crossings and the houses they offer here are very diverse. You can choose from Prairie, Modern, Shingle, and Tudor style homes, giving you a wide range of houses, ensuring you’ll never mistake your house for your neighbour’s.

Pedestrian Oriented

While the suburbs used to mean commuting to work and grocers, The Crossings seeks to be different. At the core of this community, with a multitude of pedestrian paths leading to it, sits a commercial heart. Offering an array of restaurants, cafes, offices, and a grocery store, this commercial centre allows the bustling denizens of The Crossings to avoid the commuting slog, and trade it in for an active and healthy lifestyle.

Something for Everyone

The amenities don’t stop with a shopping area, however. At The Crossings there’s something for everyone. With the new library and the first phase of the ATB Centre opened, The Crossings has you covered, whether you prefer your nose in a book or your skates on the ice. And it’s not stopping there, either. Phase two of the ATB Centre opens the area up to warmer activities, such as swimming, running, and even an indoor playground for children.

Crossings Community Lifestyle

It used to be that you had to choose between the eclectic, electric feel of an urban environment or the safety of a quaint neighbourhood. Now, with The Crossings, you can have both. But, we understand urban environments aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, which is why we build in a variety of developments.

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