Van Arbor’s Partnership with STARS Air Ambulance

We built our first STARS ( Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service ) home in 2018 and are now on our seventh.

In 1991, we found ourselves in a critical medical emergency with our eldest daughter. At that time, we lived on a farm and getting help was not quick or easy. Sadly, things did not go our way. When we were chosen to partner with STARS for the 2018 home, we decided that we would dedicate our first project as a memorial to our beloved Jenna Michele. All subsequent homes are named after children from our area whose lives have been saved by STARS:

  • 2018 Jenna Michele
  • 2019 Reece Bentley
  • 2020 Kelly Lynn
  • 2021 Ashton Oakley
  • 2022 Noel Dawn
  • 2023 Leo Joseph
  • 2024 Rhett Lamar

“We are passionate about the cause.”