Lethbridge Custom Home Building

Just the way you want it.

Custom homes are about you. What do you want? What do you value? You’ve only been able to imagine that fantasy home in your head, now let Van Arbor pull those thoughts out, shape and bring to life what was once just a dream. Mike and Val put effort into getting to know you so they can help you craft something that fits you. Let us be your guide to that perfect fit. We can navigate you through the maze of decisions required to build a home and see you emerge with everything you wanted and more. You might be surprised at how easy this process is with Van Arbor Homes!

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What goes on behind the scenes (and the gyproc)

As builders we know houses inside and out, from the required length of time it takes to cure your basement to the correct level of insulation in your ceiling. There are behind the scene spaces you will never see, decisions about how to maximize your home’s value and money-saving choices that can be confusing and difficult to make without hours of research. You need the right builder to trust with those difficult decisions- and Van Arbor Homes, with its years of experience and honest work, is among the elite home builders the city of Lethbridge has to offer.

Making dreams reality

That home, the one that’s floating in the back of your head, it’s a big investment and you want the right people on the job to make sure it comes out with style and grace. We are those people. Architecture is an art form and as such Van Arbor hires only the top professionals in the business. Not only are they tradesmen, but craftsmen who share Mike and Val’s passion and creativity for home building. Corners are never cut with this Lethbridge custom home builder and the fullest effort is put forth to build your home on time and on budget.

Questions? Find out more about building a custom home