Lethbridge STARS Lottery Home 2018 Grand Opening

The doors of the STARS Lottery home are set to open early next year for viewers and prospective owners alike. Van Arbor Homes is honoured to be building the STARS Lottery home this year, supporting the STARS cause, and the life-saving services they provide for Canadians.

“It’s an honour to be chosen, and given the responsibility to do a good job,” Val Lowen, CEO of Van Arbor Homes, said.

The house, an extension of Van Arbor’s passion for creating custom homes, will open to the public January 11, 2018. Nestled in the sun-bathed coulees of Canyon Estates, 119 Canyon Estates Way West, this custom-built dream home will honour the heroes of STARS and help to raise funds for their life-giving services.

STARS Lottery Home Features

With a butler’s pantry, an in-home theatre, and a full sized bar, this custom home is all about entertaining.

Push open the front door and you’re greeted by a warm, sophisticated interior with bright, classic charm. Its mid-century inspired architecture exudes understated elegance, with every detail accounted for. The motif captures the earth’s warmth through simple metals of the European fixtures, to the natural Virginia wood as well as walnut and white oak, and mixes in chic touches to keep it feeling modern and open.

A Kitchen with a Secret – The Hidden Butler’s Pantry

Designed with entertainers and the tidy among us in mind, the butler’s pantry keeps your food-prep mess out of the main kitchen area. You can keep extra appliances like coffee makers, toasters, blenders and more from cluttering up your kitchen space, letting the quartz and butcher block countertops shine. Perfect for preparing a quick morning breakfast, or for keeping some hors d’oeuvres ready for when your company arrives, the butler’s pantry lets your kitchen be a gathering place without the clutter. The ultimate beauty of this spot? The door leading to the butler’s pantry looks like any other cabinet, meaning it’s completely hidden and your guests will be none the wiser about the extra space.

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An open concept house, the kitchen flows into the dining room and living room. Together they create a space offering room for your evening entertainments. And when the evening is over, and you want to relax, the master bedroom is just steps away, and ready to enclose you in luxury and comfort.

Your Master Bedroom Retreat

The master bedroom is a masterpiece, plain and simple. Huge windows brighten the room as well as reveal a beautiful view overlooking golden, grass-covered coulees. A crackling fireplace on the opposing wall draws your gaze, inviting you to step into the ensuite, where you’ll find the same fireplace on the other side, exuding the same warmth and comfort.

Butted up against that warmth is a free standing, solid stone bathtub. Together, they create a spa – your own personal retreat from the world. Further in, the ensuite includes a water closet, a walk in closet and a vanity to prepare for your evening.

Theatre & Bar – Your Entertainment Station

Making your way downstairs opens up new possibilities for entertaining. At the base of the stairs sits a wet bar with space to mix every kind of drink for your guests, and a wine rack ready to accept a sizable collection. A well-lit sitting room, complete with designer ping pong table, connects the bar with the ultimate theatre room.

Featuring tiered seating and a bar, the theater not only maximises views, but allows you to relax at while you enjoy a drink, a meal, and movie, instead of juggling hors d’oeuvres and cocktails in the plush theatre seating.

Support STARS

It sounds wonderful in words, but you can’t truly experience it without taking a tour yourself. Be sure to come out for the grand opening on January 11, and purchase a ticket to support the STARS cause. Their dedicated service has changed many lives for the better, and you can be part of that legacy of kindness. And who knows? You might just walk away with the keys to your dream home in hand.

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