Baby, it’s c-c-cold outside!

Keeping the heating efficient

We burly Canadians live in such a chilly climate that over 60% of our energy consumption is used for heating our homes. So, making sure your heating system is optimized is a crucial first step to any energy efficient home. Not only is this change beneficial to our environment but it will also save you a bundle in the long run.

From the outside in

Drafts are one of the biggest draws to your house’s energy. Our persistent Lethbridge wind is always trying to blow its way inside your home, through improperly insulated windows, doors and even the walls themselves. While drafts are not usually a problem for new homes, they can be a big problem for older ones. So if you’re looking to save a couple bucks by saving a couple kW/h, blocking off drafts is the best first step.

Source of your energy

Of course, if you’re building a brand new house, drafts will be taken care of from the very beginning. Your first step is to select your energy source. There are a few traditional options, including air pumps, natural gas  and electrical, but increasingly geothermal and even solar are also ‘turning up the heat’. 

Even Steven

A well-constructed system should evenly heat the house. In Canada, most modern homes use a forced air system, with a fan drawing in outside air and distributing it throughout the house. Older houses tend to pipe heated water to radiators placed around the house- this technique is making a comeback.

The final decision

The government of Canada has a searchable products list that will help you understand your options when deciding which furnace to buy. Whatever heating option you choose, it pays to keep your eye on the ‘second price tag’, that is, the energy cost to run the heating system over its lifetime. This includes the annual heating requirement, fuel type and price, and equipment efficiency. To complement your furnace, consider adding a new ‘smart’ thermostat, like the nest and ecobee. They offer a host of possibilities to help ensure your home is energy efficient.

During our custom home building process, we walk customers through these steps making sure you have a house that will save you money this winter and every winter to come.

Want even more heating information? Check out the link below!

HRAI Consumer Guide

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