RiverStone Neighbourhood

RiverStone Lethbridge Sets the Standard

When RiverStone Lethbridge was created, it set the standard for the West side of the city. Their design was the first to incorporate traffic circles and the first to specify style requirements, making sure the neighbourhood stays true to its original designs. The creators of Riverstone set a craftsman style, emphasizing natural colours and materials for a look that celebrates the roots of Southern Alberta. With that guideline in place, all the builders have done a great job building houses that stay true to the style, while still acquiring an elegance all their own. With a characteristic firmly set, RiverStone has very distinct, beautiful architecture, backed by plenty of lush green spaces, parks and trees. RiverStone is a neighbourhood that truly embodies the craftsman theme.

Close to Amenities

RiverStone Lethbridge is the perfect blend of quiet, serene spaces with the pulse of an active lifestyle. Close to a variety of parks, as well as the coulees, and a new off-leash dog park set to open this spring, RiverStone has plenty of green spaces to explore. With all of this room to run, Riverstone maintains a close proximity to amenities like public transportation, the University of Lethbridge, Elementary schools and, if you didn’t get enough activity with all the walking paths and coulee trails, easy access to 1st Choice Savings Health and Wellness Centre. A host of ‘coming soon’ amenities include everything from coffee shops to hardware stores, grocery stores and medical clinics. And with more amenities coming every year, RiverStone is close to everything you need, encouraging a green, healthy lifestyle.

Van Arbor Style

With a great neighbourhood, it’s important to choose a builder that can live up to the surrounding area. Van Arbor is sure to find the right style to fit you and the RiverStone guidelines. We have plenty of styles to choose from that will hit all of the criteria between you and this neighbourhood. We can help you find the perfect fit, and at the right size and price, all in the great chase to find you the right home. You’ve found the right neighbourhood, now let us build you the perfect home to match your ambitions. Contact us today!

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