Six Mile Coulee sits at the southern city limits of Lethbridge, straddling the line between the stores, restaurants and bustle of southern Mayor Magrath Drive, and the serenity of the folded coulees that border the city. With two parks in the neighbourhood, and the Six Mile Coulee Environmental Reserve on its southern border, Six Mile Coulee has guaranteed green space, no matter how far south Lethbridge grows. With both natural coulee, and man-made parks and lakes in the neighbourhood, you have a choice for your walks and runs: wild and free, or manicured and civilized.

Six Mile Coulee Offers the Perfect Blend

While nature’s beautiful coulees are available all around Lethbridge, Six Mile Coulee offers up what many ‘natural’ neighbourhoods lack, proximity to shopping and other services. Just minutes away from south Mayor Magrath Drive by car or bicycle, Six Mile Coulee is also close to a host of professional buildings, shopping areas, and other commercial centres. This means a short five-minute bike commute to work or shopping can be followed by a long, relaxing ride home through the coulees. Commuting has never been as good as this.

New and Growing Amenities near Six Mile Coulee

As people find the joys of living in the ‘deep’ south of Lethbridge, the amenities on Mayor Magrath just keep growing. Recently, Home Sense, Marshalls, and Bed Bath and Beyond opened up on the south end of Mayor Magrath, offering Lethbridge, and the residents of Southgate a new shopping experience. While these new players offer new places to shop to all of Lethbridge, relieving residents of the need to go to Calgary, they also show the vibrancy of the south part of the city.

As the far-south of Lethbridge continues to expand, Six-Mile Coulee reaps the benefits by being in the centre of the action, while being next to a nature reserve that ensures residents will never be caught in a grey wasteland, cut off from the nature they moved to be next to.

The Perfect Compromise

Some people enjoy living in the centre of the city vibe and move into downtown, others prefer the country and search for acres of land kilometres out of town. But then there are those who prefer the Goldilocks approach, searching for that ‘just right’ neighbourhood that will fulfill all their wishes. For the right person, Six Mile Coulee will hit that Goldilocks perfection. This could be you, and Van Arbor Homes can help you build a home that is equally perfectly fit to you. Check out our floor plans to find out which one suits your needs, or find out more about our custom home building process to get something that is truly fit for you.

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